Seeing is believing, especially when it comes to suggesting services and plumbing repairs. 

And while we typically have an idea of what the issue is, a camera inspection allows us to confirm our suspicions. Plus we can show you footage of why we’re suggesting certain solutions. It’s part of the way we improve transparency with our customers, as well as perform only the exact services needed. 

For example, we may see an area of a line that needs to be replaced. The camera allows us to pinpoint exactly where we need to access it. Or if we see tree roots clogging up a sewer line, we know exactly where they are.

 It helps us to confirm issues and helps give you peace of mind that we’re only suggesting services that are necessary. A camera inspection can actually help reduce long-term costs. It allows us to pinpoint problems quickly rather than performing various services, hoping that they solve the issue.

Benefits of Camera Inspection

Aside from being able to see any issues so that the right service can be performed to resolve them, there are several other reasons for a camera inspection:

  • Home inspections: While a sewer line inspection isn’t normally something that is included with a standard home inspection, many people opt to have this service performed to make sure the pipes are in good shape before moving forward with the purchase.
  • Septic systems: Camera inspections allow property owners with septic tanks to assess the overall health of these systems, which helps to determine if any repairs or maintenance is necessary to keep it operating well.
  • Item retrieval: We’ve all been there before, when we accidentally flush something down the toilet that’s not meant to have been flushed. Our cameras can help pinpoint where the items ended up, which can help make retrieval much easier.
  • Verification: Camera inspection can also be used to verify that certain fixes worked, giving you peace of mind that the issue was resolved.

Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection

There are many benefits of running a camera down a sewer line to inspect it for issues. Here’s a look at some of them:

  • It’s fast: Once we drop the camera into the line, we can pinpoint problems very quickly so we can put together a plan on how to resolve them.
  • It’s minimally invasive: We don’t need to perform any digging or make any educated guesses when we can actually see problems for ourselves.
  • It helps assess overall pipe health: We may be looking for the source of a blockage in the sewer drain and wind up finding something else. For instance, maybe there’s pipe damage or a leak that needs to be fixed.
  • Improved transparency: We can show you exactly what we’re seeing and determine a fix or treatment if one is warranted. You’ll know we’re not suggesting a service that isn’t necessary.
  • Verification: Finally, we can use sewer cameras following service to verify that the issue was fully resolved. This can help give you peace of mind that there’s no longer an issue present and that the service we performed was successful.

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