If it seems like you’re always on the phone with the plumber discussing recurring drain issues, then it might be time to think about having a water sewer line replacement. This is a line that’s typically about 6 inches in diameter that runs from your home, beneath your yard, and takes water and waste to your city or municipality’s sewer system. While an occasional jetting of this line may be necessary to clear it of tree roots and other blockages, we may suggest replacement if blockages become too frequent and the risk of an overflow within your home becomes too great as a result.

Why Water Sewer Line Replacement?

Aside from preventing a water or sewage backup that could lead to water damage and extensive cleanup efforts, there may also be damage to your sewer line that could eventually cause yard flooding or a sinkhole to form on your property. Here’s a closer look at some of the factors that might indicate a need for sewer line replacement:

  • Old age: The older your home, the older the sewer line that’s taking water and waste away from it. All plumbing has a shelf life, and sewer lines are no exception.
  • Large trees: Tree roots are a major enemy of sewer lines, and while a routine hydro jetting can clear roots, over time these roots may lead to pipe damage.
  • Regular clogs: Just because it’s worth mentioning again, routine clogs can lead to overflowing toilets and sinks – and if these occur even when nothing is being flushed or the water isn’t running, it’s a problem. Water pooling around the floor drains in your basement is another sign that there may be an issue with the sewer line.

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