Sewage odor isn’t just foul, it can be outright dangerous. That’s because sewage gas can contain methane, and methane can lead to potential explosions. Sewage odor detection will get your property back to normal in no time.

So if you ever catch the whiff of an odd sulfur-like smell in or near your property and you can’t determine the source of it, you should contact a professional immediately so it can be properly diagnosed.

There’s a good chance that the scent you’re picking up is sewage odor. We’ll find the source of it and resolve the issue quickly and effectively. And you and your property can stay safe. 

Causes of Sewage Odor

Here’s a look at some of the common causes of sewage odor smells:

  • Bad drain: If the drain line is damaged, there’s a good chance that it’s leaking. And a leaking drain line almost always gives way to that foul sewage scent.
  • Poor trap seal: A dried out trap can lead to a damaged trap seal.
  • Damaged vent: On commercial properties, venting needs to operate in a way that safely lets sewer gas rise above it. If your vents are broken or damaged, sewage odors can vent into the property.

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